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The three Londoneers

The three Londoneers

This week three members of GRAPE took a trip to the capital of the British Empire to participate in the conference Achievements and Challenges for the Emerging Economies of Central Europe. The conference was organized by the School of Slavonic Eastern European Studies and coincide to the 100th anniversary of its foundation.

Magdalena Smyk presented the work "Talent workers as entrepreneurs: new approach to aspirational self-employment"; whereas Lucas van der Velde presented the work "Productivity and inequality effects of rapid labor reallocation:a meta-analysis".

The slides of both presentations can be found below.


Both Magdalena and Lucas would like to thank the other participants of the conference for their insightful suggestions, and specially to Randolph Bruno (a.k.a. the best chair ever!), Jan Fidrmuc and Tomasz Mickiewicz. We will work to implement their suggestions. PS: as a bonus, they participated in an open conference organized by the London School of Economics where the key speakers were Dani Rodrik and Sir Paul Collier.