File sharing as conditional cooperation: evidence from a framed field experiment

We investigate willingness to share and download cultural content by implementing a novel "piracy game" modelled after standard public good games. Subjects' decisions have real consequence, as they are rewarded with individual "transfer" on a file-sharing service. We find that willingness to share depends positively on the sharing by others. Interestingly, however, this tendency does not seem to be associated with reciprocity or other-regarding social preferences. We employ several measures of sharing - from self-reporting to experimental - and incorporate to the analysis other factors which may explain the autonomous willingness to share, irrespective of the group effects. We find that conditional cooperation in content sharing is fairly prevalent, but unrelated to personality traits, attitude towards risk, attitude towards the other, marginal valuation, as well as socio-demographic characteristics.

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@article{hardy2018file, title={File sharing as conditional cooperation: evidence from a framed field experiment}, author={Hardy, Wojciech and Krawczyk, Michal and Tyrowicz, Joanna}, journal={Applied Economics Letters}, pages={1--6}, year={2018}, }